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450,000 Museums and Cultural Institutions around the world
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Buy iconic moments.
Save the world's history.

Meet Iconic

Iconic is the first NFT Marketplace for the 450,000 cultural institutions globally. Every week, we will be releasing high-quality, limited-edition NFTs inspired by artifacts from the vaults of the world's top museums. Each purchase helps to support your favorite cultural institution while preserving that historical moment forever on the blockchain.
Plus, you never know what surprise that NFT may include like a ticket, all-year membership, or access to a VIP event.

We love cultural institutions

The Iconic team is comprised of technologists, museum directors, curators, artists, designers, storytellers, and lovers of arts and culture. We care deeply about the world's cultural institutions and want to create a new and sustainable model for the cultural heritage industry.

Museums need help due to the impact of COVID-19

Today, up to 37% of cultural institutions are at risk of closing permanently due to the financial effects of COVID-19. The world is losing access to millions of historical moments everyday as some of our favorite cultural institutions close their doors forever.

Environmentally Friendly

At Iconic, our team is very sensitive to the environmental impacts of the blockchain. We are exploring carbon sequestration, POS, and the integration of Polygon, an ecosystem of scalable and efficient blockchain solutions compatible with Ethereum to provide POS.

Why NFTs? Why the blockchain?

NFTs and the Metaverse are an opportunity to enable museums to reach a new generation of visitors digitally, to showcase stories, art, and history in a new medium, and to create more sustainable lines of revenue that aren't dependent on a visitor physically walking through the door.

Combining museums with the blockchain is a perfect match because they share a common goal: preservation and permanence. By placing museum collections on the blockchain, we are decentralizing the world's knowledge while ensuring our history will live on forever.

Ready to learn more?

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