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What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” These tokens are used to represent ownership of unique items. They are secured by the blockchain. So, no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence.

We’re considering getting into NFTs, where do we start?

Entering into a new technology can be intimidating but we are here to help. The first step is meeting with our lead team to discuss your interests, to answer any questions about Web3 & Digital Collectibles, and to discover more about your collection. We will then dive into our approach for developing and marketing a customized Digital Collectible campaign for your organization. We’ll talk about our philosophy on preservation, our 6-step process, and how we work specifically with our partners.

If you’re interested in NFTs for your organization, reach Joy Wingren at [email protected].

What’s different about Iconic Moments?

Iconic Moments is the first Web3 Platform built exclusively for cultural institutions & brands. Unlike other Web3 platforms, storytelling is at the core of Iconic Moments. Iconic enables each client to tell the story behind their digital collectibles, the story of each institution, and to highlight the social impact and value of each purchase.

Iconic values quality over quantity, and on creating memorable experiences for customers that create loyal fans. Iconic’s team and advisors are also deeply rooted within the cultural heritage industry. From technologists, to museum directors, to curators, artists, cultural consultants, designers, and storytellers, we love and understand this industry.

Iconic was awarded the United Nation’s 2022 World Summit Award for innovation in Culture & Tourism.

Iconic Moments is dedicated to cultural institutions and historic brands. Iconic Moments’ design was inspired by art galleries: our campaigns share the stories of what makes your assets important and special. Your organization’s significance and mission are also highlighted as a key part of your campaign.

Iconic Moments’s value comes from our team's expertise from two perspectives — our deep industry experience partnering with museums and cultural associations, coupled with our experience in NFT creativity, technology and community development, provides expertise specifically aligned with a cultural organization's needs.

Iconic Moments’ approach is partner-based. We collaborate to understand your institution's goals, working with you to help curate your most significant assets, and create campaigns and communities that will embrace your brand in the most meaningful way.

How do we know which assets in our collection are best-suited for NFTs?

Iconic Moments works with each institution to help select the right objects within a collection to create digital collectibles. Our team applies industry data, our knowledge, and creative strategies in our NFT recommendations for objects that will resonate with buyers and collectors, always with a compelling story.

Often, Iconic is helping to bring more awareness and engagement to objects that are sitting in archives but not on public display.

On average, only 2% of a museum or archive’s collection is on display at any time. Partnering with Iconic Moments allows you to share more of your collection as NFTs and attract patrons that are not bound by location.

How long does it take to develop an NFT campaign?

From our first kick off meeting to the campaign launch you should expect a time period of 4 to 6 months.

During this time we curate your assets, develop the campaign theme, create the NFTs, build the community around your NFT drop, and put a marketing plan in place that combines social media, influencers, webinars and customized outreach.

How much of our own staff time will be required?

We’re keenly aware of the workload struggles cultural institutions face, particularly as a result of recovering from COVID. Our goal is to keep your staff needs to a minimum with an average requirement of just ten hours of an institution’s time from kick off to launch.

How do we approach ownership rights when considering NFTs?

Ownership of the assets is critical. Organizations need to have complete rights, or permission from the entity that owns the asset. We can work with you on how to navigate this space and consult on how to approach gaining rights as needed.

If we don’t have a collection of owned assets, can we still develop an NFT campaign?

Yes. Iconic partners with non-collective institutions and brand new institutions that are just starting to create a collection for NFT campaigns. Iconic pairs world-class digital artists with the mission of each institution to create commissioned NFTs that can be used to drive engagement and fundraising.

Will you help develop a pricing strategy for the NFT campaign?

Yes. In the campaign development stage, we recommend various NFT programs and pricing scenario strategies based on your goals and what we think the campaign can deliver. Depending on the makeup of the object collection, the market, and the pricing potential, we consider a range of tools. Implementing rarity traits, limited editions, one of ones, and fractionalization are all options we will consider.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital collectible that provides proof of ownership through a digital ledger known as a blockchain, which can be sold and traded on marketplaces like Iconic Moments. These collectibles can be art, music, historical documents, photographs, and more.

What are gas fees?

Gas is simply a fee required by any transaction that happens on the Ethereum blockchain. Similar to a toll you might pay on a highway, gas fees keep things up and running by paying the miners that validate these transactions. We cannot control the price of these fees, and we don’t receive any part of it.

What is an 'Allowlist' ?

An allowlist is like a VIP pass for NFT projects. People who are granted allowlist status get early and guaranteed access to mint at a specific date and window of time. You can learn about opportunities to join the allowlist for our projects by following us on social media and by joining our email newsletter.

When can I buy an Iconic Moments NFT?

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