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Our Mission

At Iconic Moments, our mission is to help create a sustainable model for the preservation of history and for the cultural industry.

We know the impact that COVID-19 has had on the cultural heritage industry. At the start of the pandemic, the prediction was that 15% of the world's cultural institutions would close permanently. By the end of 2020, that number had terrifyingly creeped above 33% and we saw another wave of layoffs hit the industry as more museums closed.

In November of 2020, our team of technologists, museum directors, curators, artists, designers, storytellers, and provocateurs began to explore what a new model for the cultural heritage industry might look like.

How could we make cultural institutions less dependent on the in-person visitor experience? How could we make cultural institutions less reliant on galas and once-a-year fundraising events? If the model behind the entire industry was broken, we needed a new one.

The permanence of the blockchain and its ability to decentralize knowledge perfectly aligned with our industry's dedication to preservation. The idea of applying the world's newest emerging technology to one of the world's oldest industries fascinated us. The capability for museums to bring their exhibits to life through NFTs and to drive revenue, both in the short term and the long, inspired us. The potential environmental impact concerned us and guided us in our development.

Our team took the time to research, debate, and explore all of the possibilities and pitfalls. We put our heads down and today we are excited to unveil Iconic.

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